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Bees at Work

How can we help Bees

Why not add an envelope of wild flower seeds to your order? 


Helping Bees in our gardens

Whether you have a window box, allotment or large garden, planting bee-friendly flowers can help boost your local bumblebee population.


In return, they will dutifully pollinate our flowers, crops, fruits and vegetables.

No matter what size garden you have, you can do your bit for bumblebees by planting at least two kinds of bee-friendly flower for every flowering period. Bee-friendly flowers are rich in pollen and nectar which bees can easily access throughout the year.

The best habitats for bumblebees are those that offer plenty of flowers to feed on during the entire active phase of the bees’ lifecycle (from March until October). This will ensure that there is a good supply of pollen at all of the crucial times:

  • When the queens are establishing nests

  • When nests are growing

  • When nests are producing new queens and males

  • When queens are fattening up ready for hibernation

Why not plant lots of wild flower seeds in your window boxes, in your balcony pots or create a wild flower meadow in a corner of your garden.

Why not add an envelope of wild flower seeds to your order?


We would love to see you pictures as they grow....


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